Behind Sam’s mellow demeanour is a professional trainer who takes his work and his trainees’ goals seriously. I seriously doubt that I could have completed my 100KM mountain ultra-marathon without the strength and stamina gained from Sam’s training program. Sam delivers results you can see and feel. If you’re serious about working out, Sam is your man.

– Robert Thibeault (Canada)

I can count on Sam to make me sweat, grind my teeth, feel the burn, and swear like crazy, but in a good way. Sam adds variety to his training sessions… but the intensity is always the same. He’ll make you work slightly outside your comfort zone, but the results will be rewarding. My husband and I had a bet on who would get a flat stomach and a six pack first. With Sam’s training, I won and my husband is still stuck with the keg.

– Michelle Moore (New Zealand)


As a skinny man, I desperately tried to gain weight over the past ten years but I failed. Till I met Sam… thanks to his work-out sessions adapted to my body, diet advice and his great sense of humour, I managed to gain six kilograms of muscle mass in eight months and this is just the beginning. Thanks a lot Sam!

– Sebastian Boisseau  (France)


Before signing up with Sam, I would have never thought of stepping into a gym. Now I find myself actually looking forward it. Sam is a good trainer and a great guy. I would definitely highly recommend him.

  – Jacqueline Teo ( Singapore)


Inspiring. Motivating. These are the words that come into my mind when asked to describe Sam. I have been under his training for about 2 months now and he has really helped boost my confidence and of course, tone my physique up quite a bit. With a great personality and a right attitude towards fitness, he redefines the monotonous drill of a workout into fun. If you are looking to shed some pounds, rip some muscles, or even upkeep a healthier lifestyle, look no further. Sam’s the man.

– Stephen Liew (Singapore) 

I’ve lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks, dropping from 132 to 126 and have lost 2 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips and kept my “cup size”. Shiny hair, strong nails, clear skin! I feel 10x better than before – fitting into clothes that have been hanging in my closet for YEARS and wearing a size smaller in new things.

I have a stable level of energy throughout the day – rather than spikes & crashes and a much much better mood overall… I am also a lot stronger and have more muscle tone than I’ve ever had in my life. Sugar cravings were gone after a couple of weeks – an amazing accomplishment from a lifetime sugarholic… When I’m following the diet the way I’m supposed to, I’m not hungry and “psychological cravings” have been greatly reduced! I’m very pleased with the results and would highly RECOMMEND SAM at Funky fitness. Please don’t waste your time and money elsewhere. Sam Naqvi knows what he is talking about and besides a excellent trainer he is a awesome guy.

 – Lisa Garner (Canada)

 I have worked with several other trainers in the past year, and Sam, Master Trainer at Funky Fitness, is the absolute best. Sam is very focused on how to help his client. He pays attention to my goals, and very clearly outlines how we are going to work to reach those goals. I like it that he’s not all cheerleadery about it. It is hard work–at least on my part–and he is professional and takes it seriously. It is obvious that he cares a great deal about his own physical fitness, which I respect. Also, I am so happy that, because I have such an excellent trainer, who really knows what he is doing, I feel motivated to get in shape for the first time in a very long time. And oh it feels GOOD 🙂

– Adam Foster (United Kingdom)

I know Sam from September ’06, when I searched the internet and got to browse his advertisement. I met him a few days later and I found him very professional in his conduct. He was heavy on course of action needed to get me into shape and fit, rather than promising big things on weight or dimensions or both. He set the targets way upfront and took pain to explain what means what. His charges seem reasonable and he is very upfront about it. He was flexible about the mode of payment.

In the 40-or-so sessions that followed, I found him to be always on time, available with good mix of exercises to stretch the body, build muscles and also advise about the nutrition that should reduce carbs and slow weight gain.

He is a real master at estimating what the client can / cannot take and then surprising them with results which they thought never possible. All in all, a great guy to get your lessons from, and keep fit! I’d recommend him any time and all the time!

– Yogesh Gondhalekar (India)

Sam was my fitness trainer for several months. I was very pleased and felt lucky to spend time training with him. He was attentive and focused on my workout and consistently worked on any flaws, small or large, in how I was doing specific exercises. He was knowledgeable and able to convey to me why we were doing what we were doing and what parts of the body were being affected. He was a good listener in that he designed exercises pertinent to my goals.

I felt the previous trainers I was involved with did not do as good a job of designing workouts specific to me and my needs. Sam was able to give me several exercises that have been very helpful to me for the various injuries that I have encountered over the years and allowed me to train at a much higher level than I have achieved in many years. Sam was also very personable and comfortable to be with. He was not judgmental and had a very good sense of humour. His energy was always good and his attitude always positive.

I would highly recommend working with Sam and will continue to seek his guidance and help in the future for myself.

– Andy Tedstone (United Kingdom)

I had seen Sam training one of his clients at our condo gym and approached him about a personal training package. I have been struggling with osteoarthritis of my knees which was hampering my exercise regime and thus my goal to get fit and lose weight. Sam explained varies options in relation to both exercise and nutrition.

I undertook a 20 session package of High Intensity Training tailored around my knee injuries… Given the amount of time I spend away from home, Sam showed me many HIT exercises that I could undertake in the hotel so that I could maintain my fitness. Sam would bring varying equipment for the training and would jazz up each session so that the workouts were diverse. He was patient and very encouraging. At no time did I feel hopeless or incompetent even if I was. I always felt so good after a workout

I really enjoyed my personal training with Funky Fitness. I would recommend Sam and Funky fitness to anyone and believe that he can help to ensure that the individual’s goals are met and results are achieved.

Thanks Sam for your great work!#

– Niranjeli Rajanayagam (Australia)

Sam helps you achieve your objectives, even perhaps your dreams! I have nothing but great things to say about Sam and Funky Fitness.

Sam has helped me achieve what I wanted, in a timeframe that was realistic and without being silly about damaging my body trying to get there.

I met Sam in late August 2013, having seen what he had achieved with a good friend of mine… I just wanted to be fitter, stronger and get rid of my tummy. Sam said he would be able to make a difference in 6 weeks, and he did.  But the hard work came after the first 6 weeks and Sam was able to push me through the indifference, the pain, the lethargy, the complaints and the bad diet to help me achieve my goals.

Make no mistake, achieving your goals takes hard work and dedication, and no one can make you achieve those goals except yourself.  BUT, Sam is there by your side every step of the way, encouraging you, exhorting you, willing you and pushing you to get to where you want to be.
I had ended up with my body shape as a result of 20 years of believing my youth could fix anything up.  My wife and children showed me otherwise. What I had ended up after 20 years, took me 12 months to rectify and is still taking me time to correct.  BUT, if it wasn’t for Sam and his techniques and encouragement, I would not be where I am now.  Proud of what I look like and proud to be the husband of my wife and father of my children, knowing I look good, feel good and can keep up with an extremely hectic family lifestyle outside of work.

Sam has made [this] journey so much more interesting, albeit slightly painful as well.

But as my favourite saying goes, “We’re not here to F%$# spiders!!”

– Jason Chew (Australia)