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Funky Fitness is Singapore’s leading Mobile Personal Training company. With 12 years’ experience in Singapore, training clientele with various needs, goals and fitness levels, we can tailor a program to suit you.

We work as hard as you will to get you real results. So whether you are a new parent, an overworked businessperson, an elite athlete, all or anything in between, we can team up to set out your fitness goals and then smash them.

We are flexible with where and when you train. We come to you, so no excuses!

With a proven track record (see our testimonials), we are confident that we can get you to your target so whether you want to lose weight, run a marathon, improve your golf swing or recover from an old injury- whatever your need may be, we will get you there.

Everyone knows of the multitude benefits of overall fitness, so get in touch for your free, no commitment assessment today. Let’s have a chat and see where we can go.

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Trainer Profiles

My name is Sam Naqvi and I am the owner and master trainer at Funky Fitness, Singapore’s longest running mobile fitness company. Funky Fitness was established in 2006 purely out of passion and a love for healthy lifestyles.

I have personally participated in marathons and ultimate marathons (London & Singapore) as well as conquering the first and second Everest Base Camp on two separate occasions. I have rock climbed for 10 years and practice parkour/ free running. I always try to push myself beyond my boundaries, but I believe in living a complete and balanced life style, so I also squeeze in a lot of fun and good times.

My approach to fitness is to keep it simple- old school system with new science is the perfect recipe for success. I guarantee you results if you are ready to transform your body and lifestyle.

I have trained clients from all walks of life; from rugby players marathon runners to young teens getting ready for IPPT; ages ranging from 8 to 80. I specialise in all fitness goals from weight loss/ toning, sports specific training, pre and post natal, metabolic training and boxing.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your fitness goals quickly, safely and permanently.